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 Asheville-Buncombe Senior Games 2017


A heads-up for all you geezer jocks and jills: the Asheville-Buncombe Senior Games 2017 bicycle time-trials are scheduled for Thursday evening May 4, first rider away at 5:30 PM, at the Riverside Drive course near Marshall. Details are already available a


Entry is open to all athletes aged 50 and over during the year, regardless of residence, and all age-group medalists in 1-mile, 5k and 10k qualify for NC Senior Games in late September or early-October. There are 5-year age groups ad infinitum i.e.50-54, 55-59, etc. Unofficially, Bryan Fish has agreed to allow entry of any underage riders who want to get practice for USAC Masters Road Championships although, of course, they will not get medals or qualify for NCSG.


A-BSG TT rules are different for USAC. Participants can enter for up to five distances, 1-mile, 5k, 10k, 20k and 40k, but it is combined into one ride, with split times determining the results. The course is out-and- back so most riders, having completed the 1-mile, 5k and 10k to the turn-round, continue their race back to the cars at 20k. A few like to prolong the agony and do a second lap. NCSG does not have 20k or 40k TTs, so


A-BSG medalists only qualify for the shorter distances. If there are further questions please contact Bryan Fish at or Trevor Wallis at Please put these TTs on your calendars. They are fun, with little pressure, and are a great opportunity to test your speed endurance.